Keys + phone = disaster

You are late. Running around the house half dressed.
You need to be somewhere in 20 minutes.
Wallet, phone, keys. Got it. Running down the stairs.
Phew, you made it.

You also made a dent on your phone’s display. F#@k!
You can still use it, sure. But it looks horrible.
And you curse yourself every single time you use it.

So you need to protect it. You have 3 options how to do this:

You can protect your display. Hell you can protect your whole phone.
Or tablet. Or any other device you have (e-reader, camera, you name it).

Here is what you get....

You might think...

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We guarantee that the film will last a lifetime, either yours or your phones.
And we wish you good health.

Protect and decore your phone for the price of one lunch

You have two options. You can go buy a Screenshield™ protective film. Which is fine.
But we would like to sweeten the deal … we will give you a discount on a decorative skin when you buy Screenshield™. So you will make your device personal.

...or click on one of the devices floating above.

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